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What I consider the definitive work for large scale systems of insane abundance.  Considering and using the "primary biome" for the continental US and the lessons it teaches, Mark has built a successful farm business that makes money year 1 while planning for long term perennial production in years to come.  Whether it is about his excellent alley cropping system, the S.T.U.N. method of plant breeding and selection, or the fact that he is growing beef, pork, and poultry with annual vegetables during perennial establishment all ont he same land at the same time, Mark's style is both clear and informative.  I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in starting a successful farm, restoring ecosystems, changing the industrial food paradigm, or producing perfectly adapted species for your own farm.


Click for Amazon reviews
Whether you are an expert already or just dipping your toes into the body of work that Rocket Stove and Rocket Mass Heater technology represents this DVD set is an incredible resource.  Available from amazon as physical DVDs (click the image) or directly from Wheaton Labs as downloadable content via Scubbly (only $45) the 4 DVDs cover the basics of fire science, the principles which allow RMHs to function at all and why this results in superior efficiency, a complete build video of the (semi) portable pebble-mass heater design, a breakdown of the dangers (and wise approaches) to RMH water heat appropriately titled "Boom Squish", and no small number of experiments and demonstrations with the technology proving and disproving myths you may have come across.  While I have found a great deal of RMH information "out there" in books and online, no place have I found a more comprehensive conversation of the fundamentals and pitfalls which makes this a must have for those interesting in pursuing things further.  For those familiar with the work of Wheaton Labs, you come for the information and entertainment, not the production quality, but I would also say I found it acceptable for what is first a teaching DVD and secondarily a virtual workshop.

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