Friday, August 8, 2014

Farm Photo Friday

Miss Bumblebee and my echinacea 
A sampling of selected scenes as I made my way about the garden this morning.
We'll be hosting some visitors (and no doubt giving a tour) today so taking some time to ensure everything is looking good was well worth it.  Mobile users and those who pay for data be forewarned: lots of photos after the jump you may want to check back later on wifi.


Some sunflowers (benefiting from the peeper's fertility) and some volunteer tomatoes (if you squint)

Not far away some Jerusalem Artichokes, and a good example of what happens when you don't mow all season.

You can't hide from me, Mr. Acorn squash.

Still thriving, even in good sun.  A testament to how mild the temperature has been.

Nasturtiums.  I've heard they're edible, so Mrs. Farmer gets to plant them in the garden.

Purple flowers, a favorite of Mrs. Farmers.  I don't believe these ones are edible... she snuck them in.

Basil and tomato.  If I could just get a plant which grows Mozzarella fruits....

I believe this is our first tomato showing a bit of color.  Always a welcome sight.

Not the first and hardly the only, a nice looking summer squash coming along.

Sunflowers, tomatoes, a bit of squash.  Modified 3 sisters with volunteers.

Pink ones too.

More nasturtiums and the foot of the real 3 sister's garden.  You can see the squash there and the very bottom of
the popcorn.  Pole beans climb the corn, just not very visible here.

A better picture of the row.

Hiding nearby, one of many types of faux dandelion.

Little purple flowers, and more basil.  Crimson closer visible but only just peeking.

Sunflower, albeit a teensy one.

This one lives in front of the house.  The kids call it a "star flower".

Last year these red and white mulberries were only about a foot tall.  There will be cuttings from these. Lots of them.

Everbearing strawberries still plodding along in their hugel mound.

Morning glories climbing the birdfeeder pole.

Black eyed susans.

It's a colorful time of year right now. I've got to soak up as much as I can before winter.
Thanks for stopping by.

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