Thursday, January 1, 2015

There's a First Time For Everything

Assorted bits ready for trimming/cleaning.
Turns out pig butchery is pretty easy. I was surprised too. Best part as far as I'm concerned is there are no feathers.  The meat to plucking time ratio is optimal.  The sheer volume can be a bit of an issue, but I have always said having enough of a good thing to be worried about having "too much" is the kind of problem I like to have.  More photos after the break.

Lots of beautiful white fat everywhere.
File this under the benefits of a "lard hog".

This cut runs all the way from a front shoulder and neck back along the side.
The only bones the whole way are from the shoulder.

I can't even remember what this is, but you can see how clear the separation between fat and flesh is.
A few passes with the knife and you're working with "lean" pork if you, you know, wanted that.

Front shoulder #2 separated from the rest of the side. Pulled pork for miles right there.

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