Thursday, August 7, 2014

Propagation Challenge!

A slightly dramatized, if not inaccurate representation
of my "pot problem".
Earlier this week a friend posed an interesting question.  "Do you have any empty pots, containers, or planters?" he asked. Of course the answer is yes.  One hardly accumulates so many plants for the yard and garden as we have without amassing surplus containers and we are no exception to this, the piles of surplus containers hither and yon are both large and deep here at the farm.

I should have known there would be a catch, of course, a twist... (continued)

"Welcome to the PaPrepper Plant Propagation Project, the solution for your Pot Profusion Problems!" he didn't say.  Actually he said, "My wife and I challenge all of you to try and fill all of your extra pots with something you already have and like. Fill them with soil and then plant cuttings of everything."  I'm still paraphrasing a bit, and I apologize for my fictional flash of alliteration above (but I could not help myself).  Putting those pots back to work, and helping create more of the plants we'd like to see around us so we can share them with others?  Win, win, win.  See his official post about the challenge here.

This challenge, of course, is a great idea.

We're into August now, many folks with a garden will have stopped planting heavily and sat back to watch the real productive weeks begin, the "dog days" of summer are approaching and there's still just enough time before the fall for cutting, pruning, and transplant shock to abate before plants start to close up shop for the winter, PA could not have picked a better time for this.

The real problem is I have so many dang pots... and I bet you do to.  So if you haven't realized already I'm challenging all of YOU also.

Compliments of Fish_213 and some of his 52 Folgers cans.
Bust out those surplus pots, evict the spiders and crickets that have been using them and put them back to work for you!  If your supply is many and varied like mine, start with the best and try to fill them all.  If you don't have any (maybe you should) don't discount your coffee cans and other recyclables as those are perfect impromptu containers as another friend, Fish_213 has already demonstrated in his own response to the challenge.

Don't be afraid to hop right in.  Those strawberry runners you've been meaning to prune?  Pot em!  Those little tree saplings springing up along the fence and among your flowers?  Pot em!  Planning to prune that bush, tree, shrub? Pot em!  Extra points if you want to try some Rooting Product.  It need not be a fruit or veggie either.  Got hibiscus?  Pot em!  That heirloom rose?  Pot em! Those rhododendrons? Pot em!  Thinning out your flower beds?  Pot em!  All the plants, in ALL THE POTS!

Whether you are potting babies, taking cuttings, or just digging up and separating a larger plant it all counts for the challenge.  I think you'll find that friends and neighbors will be interested in what you've grown and if you're truly prolific a quick ad on craigslist will likely give you no shortage of folks happy to pay $5-10 per plant for what they would pay thrice that for at the garden center. If it turns our you are truly overrun, I will find someplace to plant them here.  Yes, if you send them I will cover my 5.5 acres in silly flowers, and then raise bees (everything can be put to good use).

Whatever your results or circumstances I do hope you'll join us in the challenge.  Share your results, ask questions in comments, post pictures, just let me know what you'd like to share and Contact Us  Let's all have some fun with this and of course, feel free to challenge all your friends.

My friends PaPrepper and Fish_213 are members of the TSPN Zello Network, an extension of the community Jack Spirko has created over at The Survival Podcast.  For those who are already fans of Jack's work take a look and consider stopping by.  For anyone else who enjoys this sort of thing, and might enjoy a conversation with like minded folks who are into sustainability, self sufficiency, friendly community, and helping each other out consider joining us for a chat (the Zello app is available for PC, Android, and iOS devices) and checking out an episode or two of Jack's show.  For more info, check out the links above.

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  1. Challenge excepted!

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Welcome to the challenge! I look forward to seeing all the awesome things everyone will grow.