Saturday, February 7, 2015

In which I wish there was no mention of snow.

We're running out of room above the snow line. Soon we'll be living in tunnels, devolving into sad blind creatures surviving on nothing but hatred, darkness and ice. Or I suppose spring will eventually come. I'm saying it now: next year can we spread out the misery some please? 5+ feet of snow fall in only 2 weeks time proves your point, mother nature. Business as usual would be appreciated.  Just saying. (continued)

More time inside translates into more spring planning, more spring daydreaming and sometimes even a nice surprise or two.  I don't spend much time on craigslist but every so often a few minutes there can pay off. Someone close (an hour) selling off beautiful American guinea hogs well below the usual pricing had posted an ad. Shrinking your herd in preparation for a move to warmer climate in the spring? Why yes,I do believe I'll drop everything and come take a look.

A proven sow (big mama) and two young boys from her latest litter (yet unnamed) now number among the critters on the farm. Being able to do so for less (much less!) than we spent getting the three big boys last year makes it that much better. Almost makes the day spent bringing them home in below zero wind chill worth it, even with the scrambling after arrival to ensure they had cozy accommodation.
The possibility of baby pigs in the spring and knowing for certain that there will still be pigs here after the boys head to freezer camp makes me very happy.  Hungry too...might be pork chop season earlier than I first thought.

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  1. I feel exactly the same about the snow. It's almost as if Mother Nature fooled me into thinking we would get away with only a bit of snow this year. And then all of a sudden the joke was on me. Love the new piggies! Any sneak peek of spring plans?

  2. When them chops be ready
    and send all that snow this way