Sunday, June 28, 2015

And so it Rained

It Rained today. (continued)
Descending mists with droplets small
Accrete and commence a dripping
Sky torn by torrential pouring walls
Considerable moisture slipping
Down sheets of glass, and roofs, and eaves,
Rock, root, flowers, bole, branch, and leaves.

Little droplets running each
Their little trails all glistening
Each creeping move a yearning reach
To some near still sibling loitering
To crash and join and roll and run
Under dishwater sky and departing sun.

Each fleeing pair, still only two
Will run on their way a listening
For they make such noise these sisters do
To go with pitter-pat out questing
From drips to drops through flow and runnel
Off towards some naiad's rill or puddle.

But not every gem-drop leaves a tree
To join the headlong following
Some stay aloft and offer me
Their humble arts a glowing.
Dew drop shown, and emeralds sown,
Treetops crowned with a diadem grown.

Cobwebs are princely gift, diamonds interwoven
Berries shine, rubies on vines, sweeter than a kiss.
The rain does more than simply pour, at least that much is proven.
Hurry hurry, rush, and scurry STOP this can't be missed.
Take your time, there's even pearls for the swine.
Gems freely given, free for taking, yours and mine.

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