Sunday, May 1, 2016

Signs of Spring

Radish and vetch
Cover crops coming up, temps rising too.  Birds hatching, birds brooding, rabbits shedding... time to get back to work. Spring is here.  Before you know it, it will be winter all over again. (continued)

Tiny little potato plants peeking out of cages.

This year's barn yard hybrids (and a go-getter too, 3 days ahead of schedule).

An "action shot".  Shortly after this chick was 100% out of shell. 

Other go-getters are evident here, pipping and ready to go well ahead of time.

A pair of pilgrim geese, 2 weeks old outside in the brooder.

They are huge for birds so young (that's a 6" board behind them).

Guard duty sure is RUFF!

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  1. You really should do this blog stuff more often. Zello needs things to read.