Monday, August 17, 2015

Oven Pickles, a Retrospective

2015's storage pickles are starting earlier this year.
Last September we talked about oven pickles but I never did some back to talk about how good they were.

The answer, of course, is they are excellent. Even now, 11 months later they have lasted well in the pantry if they have lost just a touch of their original crispness. The only reason they lasted this long at all is because we buried a few jars otherwise in this house pickles go fast. Very fast.

Which is one reason why we're meeting our early cukes with extra Ball Jars. (continued)

This pic from 8/9
You may remember our applesauce.  We ended last year with 200 quarts just of applesauce set aside. Enough to satisfy even our family I think. Of course, with that level of dedication to food storage how many pickles are too many?  I am thinking 200 quarts of pickles might just be too many, even for me but we will need more than last year either way.  A "problem" both our cucumber plantings and early canning are already working towards a happy ending for.

The pressure canner has also been busy.  Our potato digging does result in a few "casualties" to the pitchfork which need to be cleaned up and canned (there are way too many to just eat).  Between the potatoes and tomatoes (hitting their stride now both from the CSA and in the yard) we've been making (and canning) goodies all week.

Which means we're already out of jars and we'll need a couple more dozen (seems like we ALWAYS need a few more dozen jars).  Oh, and maybe I'll eat some more applesauce.

Coming soonish: a recipe card for the oven pickles to pin, and share.  Until then, thanks for stopping by.

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