Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Having a Hutch, it's Not All Intuition

Oh yes, "wascillwy" indeed.
We have had rabbits for 16 months or so now, since April 2014. Within that time there is a story of lessons we didn't know money we tried (and sometimes even succeeded) to save and time.  It doesn't seem like so much when I just say it has been almost a year and a half but it feels like a lot longer. I have managed to mention them previously.

The full story, with all the lessons and trials and problems (and interesting bits) will have to wait for another time.  I'm not sure when I'll have the energy to power through it all in one sitting but even touching so briefly on it now I know for sure I do not want to make the attempt today.  Which means we fast forward, for now and I tease the full story until "someday".

After 16 months and a lot of learning we have 15 rabbits here on the farm.  I am grateful to have so many, and also frustrated because it should be a great deal more. (continued)

Showing of my "skulls of the artist"!
More than a few of those 15 will not be spending the winter outside.  Though with NH winters being what they are conditions inside the chest freezer where they will be staying may not be that much worse.  The ones who will be sticking around will each need a place to stay.  At least one hutch per potential breeding adult.  Last winter's somewhat crowded accommodation in with the chickens is stacking functions but not the most efficient use of space (fitting square hutches in a round dome).

So I'm back at the drawing board, this time literally, so I at least have an idea of what I'm getting into before I put nail to board.  One thing that is apparent immediately is that I will need something that can handle an expanding population. Each litter from each doe will need a place to go after weaning. This year's success with tractors will likely contribute to next year's infrastructure  but I will still want hutch room for them, especially early or late in the season when it will be coldest.  A shelter that will comfortably hold 6 wire hutches and be crowded up to 12 should be enough to do what I need at least for now. Like so many other projects on the farm I can only give enough time to get that far.  Everything past what is needed will have to wait it's turn to be worried about another day.

So where are we?  A bit of roof overhead, windbreak behind, and enough coverage so that rain and snow stay outside while warm buns *AHEM* comfortable rabbits shelter within and we should be ok.  Then all I need to do is construct the needed wire cages to fit the structure... see if the scrap pile has the needed materials... budget the pieces I don't have... start relocating the animals.... Oh are you still here?  I got distracted by the to-do list again, sorry about that.  All of those are blog updates in their own right probably.  Stay tuned.

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