Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Busy busy bumblebee
Happy Labor Day.  Unlike some other holidays it seems like I'm always actually laboring on Labor Day.  This year has turned out to be no exception.

Time is always working against the homestead.  Really it's an obstacle we all face I think, part of the human condition itself.  With high temps in the 80's this week summer hasn't given up on us yet but really in my mind it is already Fall.  Many of the things I wanted done before winter are still not finished and at this point more than one may not make it into the "done" column before the snow flies either.

As long as I'm making some progress though it counts as a win, a good day.  Any day you aren't making progress is a day you are losing ground.  (continued)

Here is a picture of the dump of debris from the decrepit deck demolition project.  A great deal of this will be reused elsewhere for future projects. There is a board or two that might be too weak or too decayed to put to use but the vast majority are just fine.  After sinking this much time into the demolition I have caught myself wondering if I couldn't have just left it up... but it was truly unsafe.  Well beyond the stage of beginning to be dangerous which was  major reason I wanted it gone before another winter.  Under the deck I've found what is probably the best, deepest, topsoil on the whole property.  I can think of a few places where that would be useful.

Incorporated into some new garden beds would be one good place.  We've brought the broilers and their concentrated action alongside the garden specifically to aid in site preparation.  Their "additions" to the cause will make for a good boost to initial fertility.  After happily eating, knocking down, and otherwise disenfranchising the lawn there those garden beds are practically already finished!

Sure there's measuring so they are the right width, and ensuring the space for the path is adequate, and laying the kill mulch cardboard, then moving the subsoil, topsoil, compost, and or additional manure over from the other places in the yard where they are... OK maybe they aren't quite "done" even in my mind.
Luckily, if I'm ever in danger of forgetting just how good life can be the dogs are always happy to remind me.

Even with nothing underfoot but a bit of soil and some rocks there is sun and shade aplenty, comfy spots for a nap abound, and if they can pull me away from work even only for a second a few belly rubs or a bit of ear ruffling

Belly rubs may not make the day any cooler, or get the projects finished but they do put a smile on their face and usually on mine too.  Sweaty, hard working, smiles maybe but who's counting.

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  1. What will you use your boards for? I love salvaged wood projects! Hugging chickens always makes me happy!

    1. Nothing fancy. More livestock infrastructure probably and then odds and ends projects when it is needed. Building a bit of structure to keep it up off the ground will be easy and then under cover it will keep a long long time.