Thursday, September 18, 2014

PPPP Report Week 12

That's all folks!  Here's week 12 of your Promised Pastured Poultry Progress Report! The boys are getting feisty now.  There are scuffles in the pen, and as you can see here they are setting their sights outside of the pen too.

So I have spent more time than I'd like herding broilers, but as prices to pay go this one isn't too bad it's only a little time and usually a few laughs for me.

Still to do:

  • Several of the old layers made it into the stew pot but there are still several more to go.
  • The chest freezer still contains surplus produce from last fall, this space is needed for chicken before chickens start leaping out of the broiler pen and into the house.
  • The canning pot has been running non-stop for days as the end of summer beginning of fall produce hits its peak.
  • All of the other usual chores and tasks continue to pile up too as Mrs. Farmer and I focus on all the "extra" things.
Which means time is short and the luxury of sitting down just to write is one that must take a back seat for now.  Look forward to additional conversation of the data, numbers, and a wrap up for the broilers when time allows.

Thanks for stopping by.

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